At Tourist Drivers India we respect the privacy of the website visitors. We understand the privacy of every individual is important and hence an exclusive page for the privacy policy. The page will let you know who we are and how we work. You will also know what our objectives are and how we collect and handle personal information.

So who we are
Tourist Drivers India is a travel firm. They provide travelling service and travelling information.

What we collect and why do we collect?
At times we ask certain information from our clients. This is to make the trip more comfortable and happening. The information includes name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. We collect information only by your permission. We will need all this information only if you buy a package from us in order to process the order carefully and provide quality customers service.

We may also collect information for our own promotional activities including reviews, preparing listing and distributing our newsletters and products.

What about ‘cookies’?
Some information may be collected in the form of cookies but be assured it will not be used officially or unofficially.

Security : The security of personal information is important hence Tourist Drivers India take proper security measures to protect personal information. No information is shared to any third party at any cost. However, if legal or safety issue arises then the information may be disclosed after taking the owner into consideration.

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